Randzy green tea

Green tea should be go- to drink if want to lose extra body mass, get rid of toxins build up, feel lighter and happier in body.

If are a tea or coffee addict and drink more than 2 cups a day while working in office, might need to make some changes.

Think about replacing caffeine intake with green tea.

Green tea combined with an active lifestyle and the right choices can make a big impact in life.Green tea is very good for the body and it helps burn calories faster.

Types of green tea

Matcha green tea

This type of tea comes in a fine green powder that is simply added to hot water and stirred before drinking. can also find a lot of recipes for ice cream, lattes, cookies and more.

Sencha green tea

Sencha is set to have more benefits than any other type of green tea due to the special process it is made under. It is made from the more delicate leaves and it is very sweet but also has a unique refined flavor.

Gunpowder green tea

This type of tea comes from China and it is made up of tiny pellets that are to be dissolved into hot water. It has a really unique smoky flavor which has an added advantage and helps with different dental conditions.

Cleanses the body

Our tea is a great source of vitamins and minerals and helps cleanse body. It has many great benefits for the body and it’s great quality helps as well. Drinking Randzy tea first thing in the morning is a great way to start day and boost metabolism.

Drinking green tea is really beneficial for the body and helps stay in better shape. In order for Randzy to be as efficient as possible, should try to follow a good lifestyle as well. Try to be more active and eat the right foods. Focus on more vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and less processed foods. Our tea in combination with the right choices can help feel better in body and help get rid of extra body mass.

About us:

Green tea with peppermint

Cool, refreshing peppermint flavor

Perfect for morning, afternoon, or evening

High-quality ingredients for a superior cup of hot tea

Helps cleanse the body

Price: € 17.99


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